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Turkey, southern coast trip


DATES & PRICING: Available upon request
PACKAGE: Return international flights, 4 nights lodge accommodation in Fethiye & 3 nights resort accommodation in Kas,
                       5 diving days, all transfers

BOOKINGS: A 50% non-refundable deposit is required in order to secure flights & accommodation, balance due no less than 90
                         days prior to departure  

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* Return international flights - Johannesburg to Dalaman Airport, Fethiye return
* Airport taxes
* 7 nights accommodation (4 nights in a 3 star hotel in Fethiye and 3 nights in chalet accommodation in Kas)
* Breakfast included in Fethiye and all self-catering in Kas
* 5 diving days including cylinder and weights (maximum 11 dives)
* All scheduled transfers
* All tips and gratuities


* Visa and administration fees
* Travel, Medical and Dan Insurances
* All leisure activities other than diving as specified in the package
* All expenses of a personal nature

Prices subject to change without prior notice and based on changes in flights and exchange rate at the time that final payment takes place



Modern Fethiye is located on the site of the ancient city of Telmessos, the ruins of which can be seen in the city, e.g. the Hellenistic theatre by the main quay. It is one of the oldest towns on the Lycian Coast and is also one of the most preferred and frequented towns on Turkey’s Mediterranean shores. The town is situated on a very secluded bay, which is a natural marina, strewn with islands.

The town, now spreading towards east and west, is a typical Aegean Coastal village with the old city right at the center. The old city (Paspatur) is now pedestrianised – narrow streets opening to small squares full of various shops, coffee houses, bars and restaurants serving anything from fish to kebabs to pizzas and all of them open until the wee hours.

The market of Fethiye is held once a week, and is another sight to visit and to shop. The visit means a long walk through stands selling everything imaginable including souvenirs, cotton clothing, leather goods, hand woven goods, perfumes, shoes, spices, herbs, vegetables, fruits and even tablecloths and duvets.

Late afternoon and nighttime is perfect for a walk along the promenade of Fethiye by the Marina, and sipping some good Turkish coffee or beer at one of the many street cafes awaiting you there. A visit to the Balik Pazar (Fish Market) is also a must. See the fishmongers selling their wares and have it cooked at any one of the surrounding restaurants for 6TL which includes bread and salad. Fresh calamari, huge prawns, sea bream and sea bass are always in plentiful supply along with a wide range of more exotic species to tempt your palate.

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Kaş, once an unspoilt fishing village, is now an equally unspoilt tourist town on the southern bulge of Turkey's Mediterranean coast.  Despite dozens of new hotels and pensions, Kaş (KAHSH) still maintains its charm, part of which comes from its setting at the foot of a wall of mountains facing the sparkling Mediterranean.

Another part of its charm comes from Kaş's unhurried ambience. Because it is hours away from the Mediterranean's two major airports (Antalya and Dalaman), it gets fewer visitors than towns that are more quickly accessible.  Ruins of the ancient town of Antiphellos mix with modern buildings in Kaş while across the water to the south lies the Greek island of Megisti to which you can easily enjoy a day trip.  Otherwise, visitors to Kaş spend time in waterfront coffee-houses and restaurants, take boat trips to nearby Üçağız and Kaleköy or the Blue Cave, visit the neighboring village of Kalkan, or walk up the mountain to the cliff tombs.

Kaş is also a good base for exploring the plentiful ancient Lycian cities and archeological sites such as Demre (Kale), Patara, Xanthos (Kınık), Letoön, Saklıkent and Tlos.

Kaş is one of the leading spots for scuba diving in Turkey.  Expect to see a beautiful array of fish and other sea creatures like octopus and sea turtles. Besides the biological diversity, Kaş offers a vast variety of underwater cultural heritage.  Among various wreck sites, six artificial wrecks are worth visiting. These wrecks are submerged to create artificial reefs and touristic diving spots.  These wrecks are mostly placed within recreational limits. There are two historically important wreck sites, an airplane from WWII and a cargo ship from 1950's sink near the small islands in the extremities of Kaş. One last important diving spot is so called "Kaş Archaeopark Site" that is an experimental archaeology project conducted by Underwater Research Society (Sualtı Araştırmaları Derneği-SAD) in 2006.[6] In this scientific project, an interpretative reconstruction of the Uluburun wreck and its cargo is placed underwater.

Outdoor sport activities attract the more adventurous visitors of Kas, especially small grup holidays from Europe and independent travellers. To name a few popular adventures:

* Sea Kayaking at Kekova
* Mountainbiking the backcountry
* Trekking the Lycian Way
* Canyoning in the Kibris Canyon

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Locted directly across the road from Fethiye Harbour and a small marina, one can easily walk to town in 10 minutes or you can catch the Dolmus (minibus) that operates every 10 minutes from out the front. If you like you can swim at the small harbour beach nearby.  This establishment provides fabulous views of Fethiye Bay with the added bonus of a breezy, green surrounding.

Relax by the pool and soak up the sun

Catering uses delicious and fresh local ingredients and the Turkish style buffet breakfast will not leave you hungry! Every evening there is a BBQ dinner under the low lit terrace lights creating a fantastic back drop for looking out over the gorgeous Mediterranean.  The establishment is close enough to town so that you can walk there in 10 minutes, and it is far enough away for you to relax and recharge away from the busy streets and noise.

There are has 34 air-conditioned rooms all with en-suite and are exceptionally clean and well maintained, 10 of which have fabulous sea views and all but a couple with their own balconies with a beautiful view of the harbour, nightly BBQ on the terrace and a bar right by the pool.

There is a complimentary tea and coffee throughout the day.

Whether you like adventure, sight-seeing, local markets, authentic cuisine, cruising the coast on a gullet, walking through a deserted Greek village, or just laying around the Hotel pool, the hotel has something for everyone right on our doorstep!!

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We will be staying at the only dive center in Kas inside its own facility, with accommodation next to the sea.  It has its own private beach, restaurant, café, beach club and house reef. After you have had your breakfast next to the sea, the boats stand ready for you at our own jetty to take you to most exciting dive sites. Meanwhile the rest of the group can relax on the beach, eat and drink.

There are several options on accommodation:

Chalets: Luxurious bungalow with bathroom and air conditionin, two bed or French bed options.

Bungalows: Simple 2 bed room with shared bathroom. These rooms have their fans.

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Below are just a few of the dive sites that you will experience

The Wreck
The wreck is the new main attraction for diving in Feithye.  An old coastguard ship lying 27m underwater, 40.2m long with a width of 6.4m and weighs in at 150 tons. The wreck lies adjacent to a reef which is rich in marine life with moray eels a plenty, some very large groupers have also taken up residence in the space below the vessel. 
Afkule & Afkule Wall
Also known as Aladdin’s cavern, this site was recently voted in the top 10 dive sites in Turkey.  The site is made up of 2 parts, the first part is the cavern itself and the second part is “The Hamam”(Turkish Bath).  Descending to 29 metres the cavern consists of 2 kidney shaped areas allowing divers to observe the delicate dantelle corals and colourful formations. The second part has a small overhang and sandy bottom with a resident large grouper.  Natural sunlight streams through 2 windows in the ceiling creating fantastic light shows for photographers and divers alike.
Dalyan Reef
The wall is a labyrinth of cracks and crevices, home to many species of marine life. The sandy area below  the divers has historically been  home to occasional rays. At the end of the wall divers turn northwards to head for the dive boat up a gently sloping bottom which resembles a lunar landscape.  It is home to moray eels, groupers, hermit crabs and wealth of other marine life.

Three Tunnels

This site does exactly what it says on the tin! The tunnels are created by large cracks in the rock structure and are large enough for divers to pass through in single file. The deepest tunnel entrance is at 30 metres and slowly ascends to 26 metres. Our dive guide will exit in a large area between tunnels and wait for all divers in the group before entering tunnel 2.  Tunnel 2 provides a good test of buoyancy as there is a dog leg in the tunnel requiring divers to ascend slightly to maintain forward motion. Tunnel 2 exits at 22 metres where our dive guide will repeat the procedure from tunnel 3.  Tunnel 1 is a relatively short 5 metres in length exiting at right angles into the blue water on the left of the tunnels at approx 18 metres.   The rest of the dive is carried out on the top of the reef where numerous cracks and crevices are the perfect hiding place for a wide range of marine species.

fethiyediving   fethiyediving1   fethiyediving2   fethiyediving3

Diving Kas

Kas is a small fishing village with a population of 5000 people in the south of Turkey in the Antalya area. It has an organized diving infrastructure in place and the season runs from March to December, the water temperature is in average 26 degrees Celsius. Top temperature is in August 31 degrees Celsius.


A wooden cruise boat with a single small cabin. The vessel is covered with sponges and lots of gobies, wrasses and blennies. There are  jacks on the wreck with incredible, clear blue of the water – you can see for miles.

Uc Kaya

Another brilliant site is  the three rocks of Uc Kaya with superb visibility, pipe fish, grouper and wonderful violet aeolids, peacock worm, white calcareous tubeworm, caterpillar-like ragworm and black holothurian which apparently migrated from the Red Sea when the Suez canal opened in 1869. The site is littered with amphora as well as the odd octopus and skittish ray.

Guvercin (Pigeon Island)

This site, named after the pigeons that nest on the island, is really colourful with lots of sponges and wonderful light. Apparently it’s also a good spot to see turtles!

Lighthouse Reef

This site is one of the best for viewing marine life. The wreck of an old Ottomon ship lying in 22m of water is home to moray eels, octopus and groupers.

Besmi Island

If you’re of an archaeological mind, the Besmi Island is worth a trip. It’s deep (40m), but the amphora here are so large that you can actually swim inside them.  Vast amounts of barracuda and mackerel frequent the site.

Flying Fish

An advanced dive site where you are always surrounded by fish.  The star attraction though is the wreck of an Italian JU52 aircraft lying at 55m.

kasdiving   kasdiving2   kasdiving3   kasdiving4



Depart Johannesburg @ approximately 18:45pm to Dalaman Airport, Fethiye, via Istanbul

DAY 2, Night 1

Arrive Dalaman Airport @ approximately 10:45am and transfer to the hotel, afternoon and evening at leisure

DAYS 3, 4 & 5, Nights 2, 3 & 4

Spend mornings diving and afternoons and evenings at leisure

DAY 6, Night 5

Early morning departure from Fethiye to Kas via bus, arrive Kas late morning, afternoon at leisure or one afternoon dive

DAY 7, Night 6

Spend mornings diving and afternoons and evenings at leisure

DAY 8, Night 7

Spend mornings diving and afternoons and evenings at leisure

DAY 8, Night 7

Mid morning departure from Kas back to Fethiye and late afternoon transfer to Dalaman Airport for return flight via Istanbul to Johannesburg, departing @ approximately 18:55pm


Arrive Johannesburg @ approximately 09:40am




For enquiries, quotes or bookings, please contact Lynne on:
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Cell: (+27) 83 463 2163